[ct-user] NAQP and CT

John Shannon jsk3wwp at alltel.net
Wed Dec 17 09:55:43 EST 2003

> Don't think you can try CT in NAQP !!!  I've been trying to get NAQP
> added to the list of CT supported contests for years.
> Maybe if a few more of us let Ken know that we want NAQP he'll add it.

Yes I believe that is one reason I switched from CT to TR several years ago,
and tried various logging programs before going back to CT because overall I
think it is the best of the bunch. However after looking at the situation
there seems to be a workaround for doing the NAQP with CT, although it
requires some fiddling around and some post contest manual log editing. I've
only thought about it and tried it briefly so far, but here's how it goes.
It may need some fine tuning. If anyone has a better workaround, please let
me know.

1. Set up CT for the Florida QSO Party in state.
2. Use the FQPSTATE.DAT file and rename it FQP.DAT (after renaming FQP.DAT
to something else so you don't lose it)
3. Edit the FQP.DAT in a text editor (Notepad, etc.) and modify it to
include all the possible state, prov, and NA DX multipliers you could
receive in the contest.
4. Set the F2 CW keying message to (in my case) TU JOHN PA
5. Now you're ready to log. Type in the station's call as usual and press
6. Press Alt-N and log the op's name as a note and press <enter>
7. Enter the station's section in the proper place.
8. Send your info with F2 and press <enter> to log the QSO
The above is for S&P which, being a minimal QRPer, I do most of the time.
The same idea would apply to CQ mode also
9. After the contest combine the CONTEST.ALL and CONTEST.NOT files in Excel
or another spreadsheet program to add the Name from the notes to the log.
Then you'll have to convert what you have to Cabrillo format which isn't
really hard to do if you play with spreadsheets a lot as I do.

Of course you don't get the name automatically entered the second time you
work a station on a different band, and it is annoying to have to press
Alt-N for each QSO. But other than that, do you see any reason why it
shouldn't work? Such as a limit to the size of the .NOT file, etc.?

I know it's complicated, but I think I'll give it a try with an off-air
check then on-air in the January NAQP. If it works really well, maybe I'll
post my .DAT file on my web site for others to use if they wish.

In the meantime, it certainly would be nice if CT would support the NAQP's
since they are such popular contests. Probably more so than some of the
supported contests.

I don't know what language CT is programmed in, but whichever it is, I can't
visualize it being all that hard or time-consuming to add a contest that
accepts two text fields for the exchange like the NAQP's.

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using simple wire antennas.


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