[ct-user] CT 9.92.001 Slow down

IZ4EFN Alessio iz4efn at libero.it
Tue Dec 16 18:57:43 EST 2003

That's wonderful...this topic finally discussed also on the reflector!
We experience some CTWIN slow down since we turned to ctwin 3 releases ago.

At IO4T we used the following setup for the test:

733MHz & up 128MB RAM & up - fine

233MHz 64MB RAM - quite slow
166MHz 32MB RAM - very slow
133MHZ 16MB RAM - too slow

we are networking with the -enet switch, on a dedicated network (no other
users than CT station), with different NIC (PCMCIA card, pci cards, isa
cards, etc).

We had slow down while typing EVERYTHING in the call field (not only from
the second letter of the call ahead).
We did not not use any cluster or radio or cw keying during the tests.

We also experienced slow down while moving between the CT internal windows
(ALT-P, ALT-G, etc)
It really looks like the entire system is "sitting" when CT runs.

We also made another test.
We kept the same PC and encreased the RAM size sequentially. We started from
16MB, then 32MB, then 64MB, then 128MB.
The entire CT program really enjoed that, and turned up the speed
proportionally with the RAM size.

Finally, it seems to be SO indipendent.
We did not notice difference between winME and win98 (win XP is only on our
powerfull PC), just slow following the RAM size.

Let me know if some other test or kind of info should be useful.

Alessio, IZ4EFN.

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