[ct-user] CT 9.92.001 Slow down

K4SB k4sb at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 17 04:08:11 EST 2003

> IZ4EFN Alessio wrote:
> > We also made another test.
> > We kept the same PC and encreased the RAM size sequentially. We started from
> > 16MB, then 32MB, then 64MB, then 128MB.
> > The entire CT program really enjoed that, and turned up the speed
> > proportionally with the RAM size.
This is common. You simply cannot run Windows with that amount of
memory, especially when you consider you must keep your networking
As an example, my shack machine is a PIII @ 400 mHz. Dual boot with
98SE, XP, and DOS Built like a tank and RF proof. It's backup is a
complete 2400 mHz P4 with 512 MB. Again, that is the backup.
I have increased the memory to 768 MB. Running a Matrox G-450 dual
video card, with full packet and/or telnet simultaneously, along with
a Firewall, and anti-virus, and it just loafs along.
One thing I have found which helps Windows, which is a nortorius
memory hog, is taking control of the size of the swap file in virtual
memory. ( Start, Setings, Add/remove and the right box on 98SE ) I
have it set to 400 mb ( max and min ) I have no doubt that Windows
would steal memory from the backup if it could.

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