[ct-user] Support for NAQP - Wanted ???

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Dec 17 18:16:20 EST 2003

What do you guys have against NA?

It works just like CT, and is even easier to use in the sense that you 
do not have to do those comtsr's - set it and forget it...

Oh that's right - these are hams... now that Ken has made CT freeware 
you want him to add more contests to it too so you do not have to buy 
anything... but, you will spend thousands for a transceiver... now that 
it is necessary to spend money in order to have software for a contest 
CT does not support there is an issue... c'mon.

A lot of us have supported both programs... for me, routinely I:

use NA for Sweepstakes, ARRL Ten and of course the Florida QSO Party...


use CT for the CQWW and the ARRL DX

...they operate slightly differently, and I like the new CTWin's ability 
to network easily via ethernet...which makes it a good pick for 
multi-singles and multi-ops... like others have noted I need ot be on 
the lookout for more RAM as was evidenced in the CQWWCW MM - but, 
otherwise the software worked fine... it is my hand me down computers 
that were the achilles and not the software which came to me no charge 
thanks to K1EA.

I just hope the same guys who want one software package to do it all are 
not the same guys who moan when someone loses a job because a WalMart or 
Home Depot moves into their town....

In the future I will be looking at programs written in the Windows Era 
versus those originally written during the DOS era... and I may end up 
with several of those... of course, it would be nice if they were NC but 
if they cost a reasonable sum I will find a way to fit them into the 

Mebbe Scrooge is on some other minds here...

Season Greetings and thank you to K1EA for changing contesting for the 
better for all of us!


Jim, K4OJ

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