[ct-user] RAC Scoring

Derrick Belbas ve4vv at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 28 17:49:57 EST 2003

Has anyone asked the guy who gets the logs, I think VE7CFD, what formats he
can accept?

Dave...  answer!  We're having prolems here!  Otherwise I'll phone him in
the next couple of days and we'll see what he can do.  Or not.

I was using CT, which worked flawlessly during the event.  But, ...  no
Cabrillo.  Can CT's .bin's be changed to ADIF for this contest?



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> Hi Ed:
> Yep, I noticed !!! Been like that since we started using Cabrillo
reporting !!!
> I'll have to check my score as I didn't know that there was a problem with
> "Official RAC Station" scoring.
> That was one of the things on my "Wish List" to ask Ken to fix.
> Another thing on my list for Ken was to see if he could fix the "Summary
> for ARRL NOV SS. It counts contacts OK, but doesn't count section worked
by band.
> 73
> Bob, K1VU
> At 17:00 12/28/2003 , Ed Parish K1EP wrote:
> >As some have noted already, it appears as if there is no Cabrillo output
for the RAC contest.  The scoring on your .ALL and .SUM files is also
incorrect, as that it doesn't score RAC stations properly.
> >
> >
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