[ct-user] RAC Scoring

John Shannon jsk3wwp at alltel.net
Mon Dec 29 12:08:06 EST 2003

Quick unsubstantiated answers from my RAC CT experiences this year. More

> I was using CT, which worked flawlessly during the event.  But, ...  no
> Cabrillo.  Can CT's .bin's be changed to ADIF for this contest?

Wouldn't the c2a.exe utility take care of this? I'll try it when I get some

>As some have noted already, it appears as if there is no Cabrillo output
for the RAC contest.  The scoring on >your .ALL and .SUM files is also
incorrect, as that it doesn't score RAC stations properly.

My scoring seems to be correct showing 20 points for RAC stations, and the
total points on my .SUM file matches a quick check I did manually.

Also a thought that I haven't had time to try yet. Can the RAC .bin file be
loaded under another template that would put out a Cabrillo file? If so,
some minor editing might do the trick. There is a lot of flexibility in the
CT program which is one reason I like it so much.

Finally, personal thanks to all who copied my minimal QRP signal in the RAC
test. I had a ball thanks to you. My best RAC test ever.

73 - John, K3WWP - 100% CW & QRP
using simple wire antennas.


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