[ct-user] Re:RAC Scoring

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Mon Dec 29 17:40:42 EST 2003

At 12/29/03 04:17 PM, Geoff Clark wrote:
>At 06:00 30/12/03, Derrick wrote:
>>Has anyone asked the guy who gets the logs, I think VE7CFD, what formats he
>>can accept?
>Yep, the RAC Cabrillo format is on the RAC website, http://www.rac.ca/downloads/raccabrillo.pdf .
>Regarding the scoring of RAC stations, I worked VE7RAC,  9.92.001 (DOS) scored them correctly at 20 points. Is the problem only with the Windoze version?

That is strange.  I was using the DOS version, 9.92.001 and all the RAC stations were scored as 10 points...

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