[ct-user] Re:RAC Scoring

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Mon Dec 29 19:29:40 EST 2003

Just ran a dummy RAC contest using CT DOS 9.92.001.
All "Official RAC" stations scored as 20 points each all other CAN as 10 points.

Have you checked if your RAC.DAT and OFFICIAL.RAC files are there and up to date ?
Just a thought.

Bob, K1VU

At 17:40 12/29/2003 , Ed Parish K1EP wrote:
>At 12/29/03 04:17 PM, Geoff Clark wrote:
> >At 06:00 30/12/03, Derrick wrote:
> >
> >>Has anyone asked the guy who gets the logs, I think VE7CFD, what formats he
> >>can accept?
> >
> >Yep, the RAC Cabrillo format is on the RAC website, http://www.rac.ca/downloads/raccabrillo.pdf .
> >
> >Regarding the scoring of RAC stations, I worked VE7RAC,  9.92.001 (DOS) scored them correctly at 20 points. Is the problem only with the Windoze version?
>That is strange.  I was using the DOS version, 9.92.001 and all the RAC stations were scored as 10 points...
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