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Jeff Maass jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Sun Jul 13 22:02:59 EDT 2003

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> Regarding the recent thread where it appears log checkers have 
> some latitude
> in determining whether we copy an exchange correctly or incorrectly.
> Here is an excerpt from this weekend with PJ2HQ. CT did not allow enough
> room to type the exchange and as a result I result I could be 
> penalized even
> though I copied the exchange correctly(VERONA).
> PJ2HQ         599 VERON (This from the Cabrillo file)
> I participate for fun but for some of the 'big-guns' one or more points
> reduced because the logging software didn't leave room could spell doom.
> MAL                N7MAL

Writelog had the same problem, and it's complicated by the fact
that 'VERON' is the legitimate HQ abbreviation for PA6HQ in the 
Netherlands, while 'VERONA'  is a different multiplier, for PJ2HQ
in the Netherlands Antilles. Thus, the truncation is liable to go 
uncaught with automated checking.

BTW, QSL for PJ2HQ is via N9AG.

     Jeff Maass  K8ND

     Caribbean Contesting Consortium - PJ2T

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