[ct-user] Re: [CQ-Contest] Log checking Revisited

Carl Herrera - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
Mon Jul 14 11:10:10 EDT 2003

It's not log checkers any more!  It's the computer.  If you have an invalid
entry, the QSO will be discarded!  When we had log checkers, then they could
use some common sense.  The computer only accepts correct sections, reports,
etc. else discard the qso. If you check your response from the robot, I'll
bet that any misspelled zones/HQ get discarded.


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At 10:19 PM 7/13/03 +0000, N7MAL wrote:
>Regarding the recent thread where it appears log checkers have some
>latitude in determining whether we copy an exchange correctly or
>incorrectly.  Here is an excerpt from this weekend with PJ2HQ. CT did not
>allow enough room to type the exchange and as a result I result I could be
>penalized even though I copied the exchange correctly(VERONA).
>PJ2HQ         599 VERON (This from the Cabrillo file)
>I participate for fun but for some of the 'big-guns' one or more points
>reduced because the logging software didn't leave room could spell doom.


I've done the IARU contest using computer logging for 15 years.  For most
of that time, my logging software (NA, which I author) would only allow for
four digits in the received zone/HQ field.  (I recently changed it to allow
for six.)  Many times, I've had to cut off the abbreviation to fit the four
character field.  In all the IARU contests I have done, I have never once
lost a HQ multiplier because of this.

I think many critics of computer logging think the logcheckers are out to
"get" the entrants in any way possible.  While I can only speak for the
ARRL 160/10 contests which I do, I don't think this is the case.  We go to
great lengths to accommodate legitimate variations in logging, and I
suspect the other teams do likewise.


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