[ct-user] User tips added to CT web site

k3ft at erols.com k3ft at erols.com
Sun Mar 9 15:44:28 EST 2003

N7MAL wrote:
> This is a good idea if it were restricted to registered users only.
> Otherwise you might as well make CT freeware.
> de k3ft..

How would that make CT freeware? Neither Ken nor Jimis giving the program away, just 
tips and ideas. I know a lot of the other programs have 'FAQ' and 'TIPS, HINTS, IDEAS' 
sections avaialble for anyone who wants to look at them.  You still have to be a 
registrered owner to get CT and the downloadable updates.

CHuck K3FT

plus.. as an afterthought.. if ANYONE can look at the tips, hints, ideas, it might give 
'unregistered users' an incentive to become registered users and perhaps those who have 
not yet purchased it might then also be promoted to buy it.

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