[ct-user] CT.989.002 - CW Paddle support

K1EA k1ea at contesting.com
Sun Mar 23 10:41:19 EST 2003

Thanks to N6TV, I now have paddle support in both DOS and Windows versions
of CT.

>From release9.txt:

9.89.002 2003-03-23

* Thanks to N6TV, added paddle support for CW. The startup menu offers NONE,
SuperCMOS, CurtisA, CurtisB and BUG. Use the following text commands to
select a keyer type while in the program.


* There is a new text command to specify the time PTT is asserted before
keying starts. This is PTTDELAY. Enter the number of milliseconds delay
your amplifier needs. Minimum delay is 0 ms, maximum is 255 ms.

* The CW paddles use the same pinots as NA and TR. LPT pin 13 is dot, pin 12
is dash. If you LPT port does not have pull-ups on pins 12,13, you will need
to add 10K resistors from Pin12 to Pin 14 and from Pin 13 to Pin 14 on your
LPT port.

- Ken K1EA

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