[ct-user] CT.989.002 - CW Paddle support

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Mar 23 11:33:31 EST 2003

Forgive the ignorance of this appliance operator but "pull ups" I gather 
are resistors already in place on numbered lines...

Any halp?

Any recommendations on buying "extended" shells capable of housing these 
additional resistors?

Sounds like a cottage industry is out there for someone willing to 
produce these enhanced LPT connections.  Keying line, Paddle line, PTT 
Line.  Perhaps with ferrites already on the leads, etc... is W1WEF still 
fabricating keying interfaces?


Jim, K4OJ

Yes, only 34 days until the Florida QSO Party!  http://www.qsl.net/fqp/

K1EA wrote:
> Thanks to N6TV, I now have paddle support in both DOS and Windows versions
> of CT.
>>From release9.txt:
> 9.89.002 2003-03-23
> * Thanks to N6TV, added paddle support for CW. The startup menu offers NONE,
> SuperCMOS, CurtisA, CurtisB and BUG. Use the following text commands to
> select a keyer type while in the program.
> * There is a new text command to specify the time PTT is asserted before
> keying starts. This is PTTDELAY. Enter the number of milliseconds delay
> your amplifier needs. Minimum delay is 0 ms, maximum is 255 ms.
> * The CW paddles use the same pinots as NA and TR. LPT pin 13 is dot, pin 12
> is dash. If you LPT port does not have pull-ups on pins 12,13, you will need
> to add 10K resistors from Pin12 to Pin 14 and from Pin 13 to Pin 14 on your
> LPT port.
> - Ken K1EA
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