[ct-user] Cleaned up the CT installation page a little

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Okay Jim, sounds great, your doing a FB job keeping on top of the updates,
73, OM cul...Bernie/WO2N.>

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> --- Bernie <wo2n at att.net> wrote:
> > I'm  just not clear on how many basic files are needed to run the
> > contests (to many files in my CT subdirectory).
> Bernie, there is no simple answer to this.  The files break down like this
> (this example is for the DOS version only):
>   CT.EXE - program
>   RELEASE9.TXT - release notes
>   *.DAT - sections files (includes CTY.DAT)
>   COMTSR#.EXE - COM port TSRs
>   CT.CFG - default setup (configuration) file
>   MULTI.CFG - multi-op setup (configuration file)
> ( *.CTY - CT8 country files )
> There are some other files like OFFICIAL.RAC.  However, if you have all
> above files, you should have a fully functional version of CT.  There is a
> complete installation program on the web site which makes this much
> > Also how does one combine the .dta files (master.dta)  the callsigns
> > the years I have several I would like to combine into one BIG file to
> > with all tests?
> There are some tools by K2MM on the web site (follow  the Master Callsign
> link). I don't know if they still work.  Maybe someone who has recently
> .DTA files can reply to the reflector, I'd be happy to add an application
> to the web site describing where to get the tools and how to do it.
> 73 - Jim AD1C
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