[ct-user] Packet

mike levassure shinjo688 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 4 13:00:14 EST 2003

Here's my problem - I downloaded the latest CT from the website. I set it up 
to get packet spots from another computer running DX-Telnet program. I wasnt 
sure which comtsr to use so I tried them all. The only one that allowed me 
to talk to the other computer was comtsr2, so I installed it. Now, Im 
talking to packet ok using Alt-T, but the information that is displayed in 
the Packet Receive window is all gibberish - just random trash. I can type a 
command to packet and look on the other computer and see that it understands 
ME, but it just sends back a bunch of garbage. What am I doing wrong?



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