[ct-user] CTWIN Telnet with the -enet Option

Ken Wolff ken at k1ea.com
Fri Nov 7 17:25:15 EST 2003

The telnet port number must be specified. For example: DXC.K1EA.COM 7300

CT is not defaulting to port 23 the way it shoujld. This is a bug I have fixed for the next release.

73, Ken

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> From: "John Lindmeier" <lindmeie at bellatlantic.net>
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> Date: Fri, Nov-7-2003 10:31 AM
> Subject: [ct-user] CTWIN Telnet with the -enet Option
> Is there any way to use ctwin networking (-enet option) and telnet at the
> same time ??  When I bring up CTWin without the -enet option, Telnet works
> fine.  With the -enet option, I cannot connect out with Telnet.
> 73 - John - K3ZV
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