[ct-user] grab spot/type freq in window w/ Icom 756 pro II

AB2E Darrell ab2e at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 24 00:28:10 EST 2003

Hello everyone,
For some time now (with different versions of CT DOS), I have experienced 
the following problem. Grabbing a spot or typing the freq in the QSO window 
does not work to change freq on the ICOM 756 Pro II. I get the 'icom radio 
not echoing' error. The strange thing is the freq tracks with the rig 
perfectly in the Alt-J window. Also changing bands on the rig moves CT to 
the correct band. Band up band down works inside CT but does not change the 

The same behavior occurs in CTWIN

I use the default setting on comtsr, 9600, n81. Software interupt on rig 
5Ch, baud rate 9600.

The problems occur on more than 1 computer so I'm ruling out a computer 

I have tested with a spare interface cable, same result. The cable is the 
K1NU interface, not the CI-V from Icom.

Also, all of those functions work correctly in Writelog.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

73 Darrell AB2E

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