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David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sun Nov 23 19:16:26 EST 2003

Remember, in CT networking there is no handshake.  Network traffic is
just broadcast to the world and whatever machines hear it can use it.
With a wired network this is usually ok unless you have an rf problem
with the machines or hub.  One way to test this is to load nettsr and
then set up a continuous ping to each machine from some other machine...
then run through all the bands, especially antennas that are close to
the shack, and see if you can interrupt the ping responses.  I had one
cheap hub that would detect collisions and stop traffic while on my 80m
verticals north-east beam.

To do the ping from windows, open a dos or cmd window and do: 
ping -t
ctrl-c will then stop the ping.  On a wired network there should be no
lost pings and the response time should be the same on all replies...
normally either reported as 1ms or <10ms depending on what version of
windows you have.

A wireless network appears to be a problem for ct/ctwin.  The wireless
links drop packets which have no way to be recovered. 

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> Hi all...wondering if anyone has a solution for the following: we have
> computers networked in DOS environment using NETTSR and CT...the
> are linked thru a 24 port switch/hub and there is more than ample
> bandwidth...whats happening is that different computers have different
> scores and different totals for each band...the only computer that was
> close
> is score was the 10m run which happens to be #1 in the network.....its
> too band in a contest such as CQWW or ARRL, cause the logs can be
> later...but for WPX it can be disastrous...I have the mult computers
> the -nf (no freq ) option so they are not reporting to the
> packet cluster seems to be not having any problems....ie all spots are
> appearing at each computer...but the log sharing feature seems to be
> or
> miss?? any thoughts....de Rick
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