[ct-user] Talk Window (Alt-G) Station ID?

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Mon Oct 6 16:23:03 EDT 2003

I'm trying to configure CT for a CQWW Multi-2 operation.

Everything in the network seems to be working OK with
the small exception of the Talk/Gab Window station ID.
QSO's are properly logged to/from both stations, and 
I can use Alt-G to communicate to other computers on
the network.  However, it's hard to tell what message 
is coming from which station.

Even with no radio interfaced, the Alt-I window shows
Station one as "10" and station two as "15" regardless
of the current band at that station.  As a result, it's
not possible to know what band/station a message is coming
from.  I am using Alt-F1 and Alt-F2 to change bands at
each station manually, with no radio interfaced.  Here is
a sample from the TLK file:

Oct  6 20:04:41 2003     10->All      this stn on 160
Oct  6 20:04:49 2003     10->All      this stn on 80
Oct  6 20:05:00 2003     10->All      this stn on 40
Oct  6 20:05:07 2003     10->All      this stn on 20
Oct  6 20:05:21 2003     10->All      this stn on 15
Oct  6 20:05:32 2003     10->All      this stn on 10
Oct  6 20:05:54 2003     15->All      stn 2 on 160
Oct  6 20:06:05 2003     15->All      stn 2 on 80
Oct  6 20:06:12 2003     15->All      stn 2 on 40
Oct  6 20:06:20 2003     15->All      stn 2 on 20
Oct  6 20:06:29 2003     15->All      stn 2 on 15
Oct  6 20:06:34 2003     15->All      stn 2 on 10

The manual says on page 72 "Messages in the network Talk Window
are prefixed by the station number of the orignator."  This does
not seem to be happening.  It appears as if it is trying to prefix 
the message with a band indicator instead, but it's stuck on 10 
or 15, regardless of current logging band.  Both stations are 
configured for M2, using the serial null modem cable network.
All logging functions appear to be working properly.

I am new to CT and may be missing something obvious.  I have
searched the manual and the reflector archives for a solution
without success.  I am using version 990007 and just now saw that 
991001 is available.  Will that update possibly take care of it, 
or am I missing something in the setup configuration?

Thanks for any suggestions,

-Kirk  K4RO

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