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Hello Tony,

Tuesday, October 21, 2003, 3:00:13 PM, you wrote:

NT> Have a couple of questions on keying from CTWIN.
NT> On my desktop I use DXBase for Win. I am using serial port keying, COM3 and
NT> it works fine. When I reboot and set up CTWIN, I can't key from COM3.
NT> Nothing happens. I select COM3 form the menu during setup. Everything else
NT> seems to work. Any ideas?

NT> On my laptop when I plug in the serial cable I immediately key the rig.
NT> Don't need to have CTWIN even running to do this. As soon as the PC is
NT> turned on it keys the rig. And it stays keyed till I turn off the PC.

NT> I am using the wiring as suggested in the CT manual.

NT> Any suggestions?
NT> Tnx
NT> N2TK, Tony

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CW keying does not work on COM ports in CTWin

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