[ct-user] cw keying forn CTWIN

us4lgw at ukrpost.net us4lgw at ukrpost.net
Tue Oct 21 18:45:23 EDT 2003

Hello Tony,

Tuesday, October 21, 2003, 5:08:40 PM, you wrote:

NT> Tnx for the input. That takes care of the problem with my desktop PC. Now I
NT> still need to find out why my laptop PC keys the rig even when there isn't
NT> any programs running.
NT> 73,
NT> N2TK, Tony

I think, the best way is to use parallel (LPT) port of your laptop PC
to key and CW manipulate your rig. We (UT7L contest team) use this
method for many years and it works good enough under CT, TR and so
on ... There were no problems. Serial interface were used for network
purposes only (now we use ethernet connection with no rfi etc.). So,
keying and manipulating through LPT will solve your problem.

Best regards,
 us4lgw                            mailto:us4lgw at ukrpost.net

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