[ct-user] 9.91 crash after 1 hr

Al - N1API n1api at cox.net
Mon Oct 27 19:20:13 EST 2003

Yea, I had a couple of disk crashes and also noticed the time changes
too running just one computer.  It seemed to happen when I was updating
the bandmap.

Also noticed that the "Check Country' window is broken.  It's been broken
for a couple of versions now and I've reported that already.


Bernhard Buettner wrote:

>Hi CT users:
>CT 9.91.002 crashes at +/- one hour in our M/S or M/2 setup. We have: 
>2xMS-DOS 6.22, networked with NETTSR, Packet Radio with a DRSI 
>card, 2xTS-850S connected to COM1.
>Procedure: I start CT and let it sit there for an hour (not touching
>anything). Both computers crash at the same time (within a few seconds) 
>showing a register dump. After the crash the system clock has gained
>about 6-7 minutes.
>We'd love to use the newest version for CQWW but after seeing that 
>just before the start of the contest, we decided to switch to 9.89 
>which had no such problem. I used 9.91 also for CQP in the same 
>environment and experienced many crashes. My log gained over an hour 
>so in the end, I had to do many corrections.
>Anyone else experiencing these problems in a similar or different
>73 Ben, DL6RAI

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