[ct-user] 9.91 crash after 1 hr

V.Kotarov at cnsys.bg V.Kotarov at cnsys.bg
Mon Oct 27 17:36:16 EST 2003


We have experienced crashes with 9.91.001 but after upgrade to 9.91.002
everything was just fine. Maybe the crash is somehow related to the

btw has anyone being able to do the following setup:

PC1 --null modem-- PC2 --Ethernet-- PC3

all of the PCs run CTWIN 9.91.002. when a QSO is entered on PC1 it
appears twice on PC2 !? on PC3 everything is OK. the "DUPEs" appear on
PC2 only when a QSO is entered on PC1.

Best regards,
Vesselin Kotarov

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Hi CT users:

CT 9.91.002 crashes at +/- one hour in our M/S or M/2 setup. We have: 
2xMS-DOS 6.22, networked with NETTSR, Packet Radio with a DRSI 
card, 2xTS-850S connected to COM1.

Procedure: I start CT and let it sit there for an hour (not touching
anything). Both computers crash at the same time (within a few seconds) 
showing a register dump. After the crash the system clock has gained
about 6-7 minutes.

We'd love to use the newest version for CQWW but after seeing that 
just before the start of the contest, we decided to switch to 9.89 
which had no such problem. I used 9.91 also for CQP in the same 
environment and experienced many crashes. My log gained over an hour 
so in the end, I had to do many corrections.

Anyone else experiencing these problems in a similar or different

73 Ben, DL6RAI
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