[ct-user] Mouse problem

Guenter S. Hamacher contadora at gmx.de
Mon Sep 15 03:07:41 EDT 2003

Hi guys,
does any of you know how to get a mouse working in CTWIN ?
Mousedriver are installed and working in Windows.

PC Pentium IV- 2.400 khz- Program : Windows 2000 based on NT.
Latest download Version from CTWIN-K1EA -last week-.

Program is working, infrared Keyboard is working, serial Radio-
connection is working but not the infrared MOUSE.

Other Problem : CT-Windows in this program and on the creen of 
CT to big.  Not possible to change.
Any INI- or other Data where I can change this ?

TNX for help.
HP1XVH-Günter Contadora Island.

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