[ct-user] help needed

Guenter S. Hamacher contadora at gmx.de
Wed Sep 10 18:30:23 EDT 2003

Question about CTWIN.990  downloaded  last week. NEW Version

Who is working with CTWIN and could give me an advice ?
PC-Program WINNT-2000
CTWIN-Installation in C: K1EA Software
Batchfile :
CD  K1EA Software
Comtsr1  -N81 -b4800 -i4  (for FIF of FT1000D)
CTWIN  -filename- -d -vga -now
Comtsr1 -u

Shows that Masterdata OK. Shows that Radio-connection is OK.
MOUSE does not work. Helpfile does not open.  What could be wrong ? 

Tnx for your help.
Günter HP1XVH

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