[ct-user] comtsr problem

William Spickler bill at spickler.net
Thu Feb 5 19:43:23 EST 2004

I have just upgraded to a Dell Pentium II 300 with Win98 (I know I'm
scrounging) which has only one Com port on the mother board.  I added a PCI
board with two ports.  This works okay in CTWin where Com 3 is IRQ 9 I/O
FCC0 and Com 4 is IRQ 9 I/O FCC8.  However, I cannot get the comtsrs to
address the PCI ports in CT_DOS.  I have tried a number of combinations of
IRQs and Addresses on the command line but still no joy.  Command lines I'm
using are:

comtsr1 -P1 -B4800 -I4 -A3f8    - works okay on Com1

comtsr3 -P3 -B4800 -I9 -AFCC0    -  loads but no response

Do the comtsr drivers only address the usual 4 on-board locations or is
there a way to have them find these PCI ports?

Thanks for your help,
bill at spickler.net

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