[ct-user] comtsr problem

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 06:18:04 EST 2004

Hi Bill:

The COMTSR program only knows about IO addresses that are in the
ISA address space.  I believe it can't deal with the PCI addresses.
Some of the PCI cards, notably the ByteRunner PCI200-L, come
with a driver that allows CT to use the PCI serial card under DOS.
The ByteRunner program, vsemuio.exe (I think) basically maps
the PCI addresses on to ISA space and fakes out the IRQ's.
See www.byterunner.com for more information.

CT also relies on the ISA IRQ's, so you have to do this for the IRQ's
as well.

Good luck!  I have fiddled with the ByteRunner card.  It works with
TRLog, which uses the ISA base addresses but doesn't use IRQ's.
I'll try it with CT this weekend...under DOS.


Mark, KD4D

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Subject: [ct-user] comtsr problem

> I have just upgraded to a Dell Pentium II 300 with Win98 (I know I'm
> scrounging) which has only one Com port on the mother board.  I added a
> board with two ports.  This works okay in CTWin where Com 3 is IRQ 9 I/O
> FCC0 and Com 4 is IRQ 9 I/O FCC8.  However, I cannot get the comtsrs to
> address the PCI ports in CT_DOS.  I have tried a number of combinations of
> IRQs and Addresses on the command line but still no joy.  Command lines
> using are:
> comtsr1 -P1 -B4800 -I4 -A3f8    - works okay on Com1
> comtsr3 -P3 -B4800 -I9 -AFCC0    -  loads but no response
> Do the comtsr drivers only address the usual 4 on-board locations or is
> there a way to have them find these PCI ports?
> Thanks for your help,
> 73s
> Bill
> NU6I
> bill at spickler.net
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