[ct-user] Clock Problems

Ken Wolff ken at k1ea.com
Sat Feb 7 13:36:21 EST 2004

You were running a DOS version of CT in a Windows environment. Windows trie=
s to simulate the actual counter-timer chip that a DOS machine can manipula=
te, but doesn't do it perfectly. If you run CtWin, it uses the native OS fo=
r time and works perfectly.

- Ken

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> I've used CT for years on a variety of computers. Because I operate a lot=

> of VHF contests where time accuracy is important (meteor scatter skeds =

> etc.) it's especially helpful to have the clock functioning correctly. =

> >From time to time in the past I've noticed the computer's clock off a fe=
w =

> seconds but never much more than 5-10 seconds over the course of a =

> contest. I recently upgraded to a new computer with the latest in =

> capabilities and of course, Windows XP. I also loaded an automatic time =

> update using Dimensions 4. I've started to run wsjt (psk441) where you =

> need a clock that's highly accurate to run the right sequences. So, the =

> computer clock is basically right on  all the time. My first serious =

> contest with the new computer and the latest version of CT (downloaded =

> early Janaury) was the  VHF SS. I noticed as I was entering skeds ahead o=
f =

> time that the clock in CT was getting further and further off in accuracy=
. =

> The CT clock was off typically by 2 -3 minutes every hour. I rebooted =

> frequently to get it back in synch with the computer clock. The computer =

> clock meanwhile was staying accurate. In the past when CT was off a bit i=
t =

> was really the computer clock that was off. This time it almost seemed =

> like the clock in CT was stopping every time I typed an entry until I hit=

> enter. Anyone else experience this and have a suggestion?
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> Tnx,  Jeff K1TEO
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