[ct-user] CTWin - Full screen - Win2000/WinXp

Noel Chenavard nc at lem.com
Mon Feb 23 16:17:20 EST 2004

Hi John ,
I use this on W2K & XP and it works fine for me:

Right click on CTWin icon
Properties > Layout

Screen Buffer Size
    Width 80
    Height: 25
Window Size
    Width 80
    Height: 25

You no longer have the scroll bars.
Alt-enter should give full screen on classic CRT.
Results are not predictable on laptop - depends on screen resolution.

On my side, to allow moving CT windows,
I uncheck the "Quick Edit" options:

Properties > Options > Edit Option
Uncheck "Quick Edit"

Then, you can move CT windows if you click inside the grey part, not on the
yellow border.

Noel F6BGC - F8KCF
nc at lem dot com

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Subject: [ct-user] CTWin - Full screen - Win2000/WinXp

I know about ALT-Enter and the -vga switch. What's the fix for
getting CTWin to display full screen on Win2000 and WinXp? Probably
changing the Properties | Layout values. Any suggestion that will
eliminate experimenting with the values is appreciated.

I assume that one value doesn't work for all systems or it would be
the default. CTWin with Win98 adjusts to full screen just fine.

k3ct at fast.net

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