[ct-user] Paddle input on LPT port not working

John Bednar k3ct at fast.net
Tue Jul 13 19:23:18 EDT 2004

I have seen some LPT ports that can not supply enough current to
work with the standard bipolar keying circuit. Measure the current
flowing into the base of the transistor and compare it to another
computer for verification.

k3ct at fast.net

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I am making  LPT / CW interface cables for the W1QK VHF contest
Here's the problem - the paddle input does not work on his computers
DOS6.2)- the Function keys will generate CW, though.  The paddle
input works
fine on my laptop (486, WIN95).  All computers are running  a 10+
version of
CT for DOS. I have pull-up resistors - OC voltage measures ~5V on

Questions- are all LPT ports created equal?  Is this is HW or SW or
related?  Has anyone encountered this issue? Any suggestions on
solving this

Bob W0BR/1

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