[ct-user] Paddle input on LPT port not working

Bob Raker braker at kc.rr.com
Wed Jul 14 19:14:51 EDT 2004


Jim was right on with the modes - apparently the default mode is
uni-directional.  ECP and EPP modes are bi-directional - allowing the paddle
input to be detected.

Next problem: we are triggering MFJ DVK's with the LPT port - on the 486
DX66 computers, it does not work in version 10.01.003, but does fine in
version 9.89.  Has anyone encountered this problem?  Could there be a subtle
timing difference between 9 and 10?

Thanks & 73,
Bob W0BR/1

> There are at least three "modes"
>   - the default (basic one)
>   - ECP
>   - EPP
> You may have to configure the port in the BIOS (before booting) and put it
> into ECP or EPP mode.
> 73 - Jim AD1C

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