[ct-user] CTDos crashing after Restarting in DOS Mode

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Sat Mar 13 05:04:22 EST 2004

At 3/12/04 11:06 PM, John Bednar wrote:

>I recently changed my ham radio computer and I immediately learned
>that I could no longer start CTDos using the Win98 Start | Shutdown
>| "Restart in DOS" option. I have been using CTWin for several years
>but it bothered me that I didn't understand what was causing this
>I was ready to give up but I tried one last experiment. I changed
>the parameters on the hidden MSDOS.SYS and changed the BOOTGUI line
>to BOOTGUI=0. This is documented on the CT Webpage and it prevents
>Win98 from booting into the Windows environment from a cold start.
>With this change, CTDos finally started without crashing! I tried
>several DOS versions and they all started just fine. After replacing
>the memory, sound card, network card, 4-port I/O card, and resetting
>all the BIOS parameters, CTDos still starts just fine. 

This is the same as pressing F8 when the computer boots and selecting MS-DOS Prompt.  This has always been the recommended way of getting into DOS. This is different than first going into windows and then doing the reboot-into-DOS.  With all that said, many times I am lazy and just pull up a DOS shell inside of W98SE to examine a log or produce the log files.  Usually never have a problem.

>Apparently, Win98 has a set of commands that it runs before
>"Restarting in DOS mode". Something that Windows was setting on exit
>was causing CTDos to crash. 
>k3ct at fast.net

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