[ct-user] Ten-Tec Orion

John Harden, D.M.D. altdx at worldnet.att.net
Sat Mar 13 21:36:33 EST 2004

To Ten-Tec Orion users,

I got my Orion in on Friday, 12 March 2004. After a lot of thought I 
fabricated my own serial cable today using a DB-9 male plug at the Orion 
(configured as per Ten-Tec). On the other end of the 4-conductor 
shielded cable I placed a male DB-25 as this is what I needed.

I configured CT 10.00.002 for 57,600 baud on COM2. The program works 
great just like it did for the OMNI VI-Plus I previously owned. The 
cable is configured for "hardware handshaking" for the data flow. The 
"straight through" cable provided by Ten-Tec will most likely not work? 
Is this correct?

Serial data out from the Orion (DB-9 pin 2) goes to RXD (pin3 on the DB-25)

Serial data  in from the Orion (DB-9 pin 3) goes to TXD (pin 2 on the DB-25)

Ground on the Orion (DB-9 pin 5) goes to Ground (Pin 7 on the DB-25)

RTS (in) on the Orion (DB-9 pin 7) goes to RTS out (pin 4 on the DB-25)

CTS (out) on the Orion  (DB-9 pin 8) goes to CTS in (pin 5 on the DB-25)


John, W4NU
K4JAG 1959 to 1998

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