[ct-user] CTWin 9.91.003 in WPX

Doug Roberts g0wmw at arrl.net
Mon Mar 29 13:25:07 EST 2004


Did anyone else notice that the WPX rules for 2004 require separate serial
numbers for run and mult in the MULTI-ONE category?  CTWin 9.91.003 gave us
separate serial numbers for each band, but didn't distinguish between run
and mult ...

Yes, I know 9.91.003 isn't the latest version, but when we used it before it
didn't appear broke, so I never bothered to try to fix it.  However, this
time we found that the CAT polling would gradually slow down on the FT-920
mult station (only!) - firstly there would be the occasional 'radio
timeout', but eventually we would find that when changing bands, the band
map would not change with us.  Having tried several methods, the reliable
way out was to restart the computer, but this defeated the object because we
thus lost all the band map entries anyway.  Setup was two Pentium computers
running Win98SE, networked on ethernet; FT-1000MP mkV run stn with packet
TNC via com port (9600bd), FT-920 mult stn with TNC 'remote'.

Any sensible observations welcome - did anyone else with a similar setup
notice the same problem?  If necessary, I'll happily move up to CTWin 10 -
the only reason I didn't is that the changes had no effect on the contests
we were entering!

Thanks and 73,
Doug G0WMW (at G6PZ Contest Group)

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's INTOLERANCE!

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