[ct-user] Changing Bands v. 10 Windows

Bob Gates regates at kingwoodcable.com
Mon Mar 29 19:21:48 EST 2004

I downloaded the Windows version of CT, CTWIN 10.00.004, and cannot get it to
work properly.  Am running Windows XP, and I have done a plain vanilla
installation, logging only.  None of the software instructions such as TSRs etc.
seem to be appropriate or needed with Win XP.

My problem is that the program defaults to 20M.  Entering CTL+F1, CTL+F2, or
ALT+F1 does nothing.  ALT+F2 will change bands on the new contact line.
However, after inputting contact information I press ENTER.  At this point, the
contact is saved, but has been reset back to 20M, and the new contact line reads
20M.  I have to then move the cursor up to the last contact, use ALT+F2 to
change to the correct band and hit ENTER.  The contact is now properly stored
with the correct band.  I have to press ALT+F2 to change the new contact line to
the proper band, but that's only good for checking dupes, it won't keep that

I was so desperate I actually read the manual, but I can't find anything that
looks as if it might solve this problem.  Any hints would be greatly

73, Bob W7BJ

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