[ct-user] Call KG4USK crashed CT-WIN

Alan C. Zack k7acz at cox.net
Mon Nov 29 23:38:02 EST 2004

If you have the RAC CD do a search by call sign.  Type in KG4 and the 
first one that comes up is KG4A.  After KG4A there are 1000's of calls 
starting with KG4, mostly Techs with KG4 as a prefix and 3 letters as 
a suffix.

David Norris wrote:

> Gentlemen,
> It appears that the FCC did in fact issue a large number 2x3 and few 2x1
> calls out of the KG4 call block that were not in Gitmo.  I am holding proof
> of this in my formerly nicotine stained fingers in the form of a QSL card
> sent to K5UZ on 23 Jun 2002, 03:22Z, 14MHz SSB from KG4OPC Rebekah Dorff,
> QTH Hoover, Alabama; not Gitmo. Apparently the 2x2 block is for Gitmo by FCC
> logic which is the same as a 1x2 = AA5GY or AD5AU and so forth, i.e., the
> FCC does strange things with callsign allocations.  It makes no sense, but
> it doesn't have to in the world of the Federal Gov't.
> 73 David K5UZ
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> Hans, are you confusing KC4 with KG4?
> In any case, why not block KG4 for only GITMO the same as KP1, KP2,
> KP4 are not used in CONUS?  With all the other prefixes available for
> the 4th call district why use KG4 for CONUS and confuse things?
> K0HB wrote:
>>>Any  KG4 should be GITMO, period.
>>No it shouldn't.  GITMO has shared this prefix with Navy bases in
>>Antarctica for about 45 years that I know about, and maybe longer.
>>73, de Hans, K0HB


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