[ct-user] DVP

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Fri Oct 22 08:52:31 EDT 2004

At 10/22/2004 08:33 AM, Steve and Judy wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>I am trying to make DVP V1.01 run with CT V10.010
>Everything appears to work ok apart from not being able to enter the DVP set up. 
>I can record the F1 to F7 msgs ok and playback these ok, but no joy with the HISCALL F5 key.
>Anyone any ideas.

I personally haven't tried F5 with a DVP, but have you recorded all of the letter and number files?  Are they in the proper DVP directory?

>The whole thing works perfectly using CT V8
>and CT386.EXE, I could use this but how do I produce a Cabrillo log ?

You can use V8 and then use 8to9.exe to convert to V9 and then 9to10.exe to convert to V10 and then use V10 to produce the Cabrillo

>73 to all  Steve  ZC4LI, ZD8Lii, G0Lii, 5B4AHA, C4C, G5G to G8G  etc.
>PS. If you are waiting for a ZC4LI QSL card please be patient as they have not yet arrived from the printers.
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