ENC: [ct-user] CT for Windows and COM8

py2xb py2xb at integral.com.br
Tue Oct 26 07:51:16 EDT 2004


Thanks for the posting. COMTSR1 thru COMTSR8 means that you can have 8 COM
services running. The COM setings are not related to the COMTSR"X". Any of
the eight COMTSR's only accepts COM1 thru 4, although other settings are
more flexible.

Anyway I move to the windows version and it seems to fit better to my needs.

Regards and thanks


At 10/25/2004 07:45 AM, py2xb wrote:
>Hello. I am an old user of CT. It is been years that I have not used it,
>I am glad it is still around.
>I just have a couple questions to start with and any help is appreciated :
>1) Is it worthwhile to use the character-mode version for Windows ?

It is if you can't use DOS.

>2) I have no problem to use the DOS version. However even though it says
>COM1 thru COM8 can be used I cannot set the COMTSRx programs to COM8. I can
>change the base address and the IRQ to match what I need except by the COM

There are 8 separate COMTSR programs, COMTSR1.exe through COMTSR8.exe.  You
have to use the appropriate one for the COM port.

>Thanks guys
>Fred PY2XB
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