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py2xb py2xb at integral.com.br
Tue Oct 26 07:56:44 EDT 2004

Peter (Dl4FN) and John(K3CT)

Thanks for the posting. I have loaded the WIN char version and it is running
fine. The radio and TNC interface also worked without pain. I am using LPT1
to send CW, so ok at this side too.

It is amazing how a good application as CT keeps up. I am still managing a
DXPC node using AK1A DOS software. At the end of the day, the application's
quality and robustness prevail.

Regards to all

Fred Carvalho PY2XB

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I've been using CTWin for several years and it's improved every
year. The advantages of CTWin is that it can receive spots from the
internet (telnet option). It can NOT send CW via the COM port.
Computer to computer linking is very easy with CTWin and Ethernet.
You can NOT use a wireless router.

k3ct at fast.net

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Hello. I am an old user of CT. It is been years that I have not used
it, but
I am glad it is still around.

I just have a couple questions to start with and any help is
appreciated :

1) Is it worthwhile to use the character-mode version for Windows ?

2) I have no problem to use the DOS version. However even though it
COM1 thru COM8 can be used I cannot set the COMTSRx programs to
COM8. I can
change the base address and the IRQ to match what I need except by
the COM

Thanks guys

Fred PY2XB

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