[ct-user] Keying an Orion with paddles and CT

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Tue Dec 6 10:45:43 EST 2005

Scott Robbins W4PA showed me the light.  Here is the text from page 49 of the
manual.  Apologies to Scott and the engineers at TenTec.


Some contest logging programs use
computer generated CW for transmission of
contest data (CQ’s, reports, etc.) but do not
employ the ability to send CW through any
device other than input from the computer

It is useful in this situation to be able to have
both an external keyer (in this case, the
computer) and the internal keyer in the
ORION both simultaneously available.
The “external keyer” is used for contest
CQ’s and information, while a paddle
connected to the internal keyer can be used
by the operator for quickly repeating
necessary information.

Pin 3 on the AUX I/O connector on the
ORION rear panel is a PTT connection.
In CW modes, this can allow the radio to be
keyed by an external device in CW mode.

There is a menu item located in the CW
MENU titled PTT in CW as. When this line
item is set to “key”, a CW signal from an
external source can be injected into either
the mic jack or pin 3 on the AUX I/O cable
on the rear of the radio. Connect the output
of the external keyer to pin 3 on the AUX I/O
connector or the PTT connection on the mic
jack. Connect your paddle either to the
front panel or rear panel key connector and
use the SP button to enable the internal
keyer. ORION will now transmit CW either
through the pin 3 input or using the paddles
and internal keyer.

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