[ct-user] CT "wipe" function

John Bednar k3ct at verizon.net
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I tried to remap the F11 key to the period key and it worked. 

I have already entered the keys in the wrong order or tried to map
to a key that has a function. It is also known that DEFINEKEY does
not work correctly in CTWin. The text for DEFINEKEY from the
CT_Additions document can be found below.

k3ct at verizon.net

DEFINEKEY           Allows the re-mapping of keyboard keys within
CT. At the first prompt, enter the new key that you want to use for
the CT key entered at the second prompt. To clear all re-mapping,
enter CTRL-C at both prompts. When you use DEFINEKEY, a file named
KEYDEF.INI is created in the CT directory which stores the key
remapping and is automatically used when CT is restarted. The
KEYDEF.INI file from CT DOS can be copied into the CTWin program
directory. There is a known bug in CTWin that prevents the mapping
of ALT-key sequences.

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I would like to re- map the "wipe" key on my laptop because it is
above the"enter" key but when I try to re map it , it appears that 
particular key is not re-mappable . Is this correct ???

This is probably covered somewhere but I have missed it.

I did finally discover last week that when I accidentally wipe a qso
, if I 
have not typed anything else , I can use the "page up" key and the
reappears . I have not tested this extensively yet however.

 Thanks _ Hank K7HP 

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