[ct-user] IARU Contest log bug

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Sun Jul 10 11:38:01 EDT 2005

Wonder if anyone else noted this using CTWin 9.92.001 during this weekend's IARU 
CTWin was used for logging only, no network, PACKET, rig control, etc.
Problem seen was when logging contacts every new good contact was noted as 
*NEEDED MULT*, regardless if it was a new mult or not.  But more serious, there 
is no warning if a DUPE is to be logged.  You type in the call, hit TAB or SPACE 
BAR, but no DUPE message is shown.  You only know it is a DUPE after you hit 
enter.  I used the CHECK PARTIAL function to check for DUPES.  Check Partial was 
the only indication that a DUPE was about to be logged.  I tried it on two 
different PC's, same problem.  It is not a problem with logging the CQWWDX, 
ARRLDX, or WPX, only with IARU.

Alan Zack
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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