[ct-user] Parallel port CW output

Carl - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
Sun Jul 10 14:24:18 EDT 2005

Once plug in the PCMCIA card, your PC should "see" a parallel port.  Same
with the USB to serial.  Somebody already posted that the USB to parallel
does not work for CT but I have no personal experience with it.

Carl - WC4H

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I've decided the best way to deal with my new laptop with no parallel port
is to buy a PCMCIA parallel port card. Question is ... in the CT WIN CW menu
the only selections are Serial and LPT ports. Does anyone have experience
with this, or an idea for how to tell CT to look for the PC card? I will be
really po'd if I spend 40 bucks for a PC card and CT can't find it. 

This question also applies to those who choose to use a USB-to-parallel
converter cable.

Sorry, it's just that I do not belong to the "Buy, Plug and Hope" crowd.


Jim Cain, K1TN/9
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