[ct-user] CTWin Dupes - CQP?

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Mon Oct 3 14:07:40 EDT 2005

Thanks for the info.  I must have used the wrong CQP.DAT file.  Didn't know
there was a difference.  Will check into this and use the correct file next
time.  Thanks for pointing it out.
Sri CT, operator error, but the DUPE part was still faulty.  But the CHECK
PARTIAL window would show if you worked a station on that band already.
Shouldn't have to depend on it, but you work with what you got.


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> At 10/3/2005 12:25 AM, Alan Zack wrote:
>>Yes, I had to hit TAB twice before it showed a DUPE.
> Actually, I think it was at least three times.
>>I had to depend on the
>>CHECK PARTIAL window to show a dupe.  I was using CTWin 10.02.008.  It did
>>not show my MULTS.
> It showed my mults.  Did you have the correct CQP.DAT file?  There is one 
> file for CA and a different file for non-CA.  I do remember having to edit 
> the file for one county though, there was one abbreviation that was used 
> that wasn't in the file.
>>It thought I was in CA instead of outside of CA and only
>>gave me one MULT for CA, it never showed any of CA counties as a MULT.  I
>>had to manually highlight each new county worked and put a check mark in 
>>NEW MULT column to indicate it was a new mult and complete the CQP Summary
>>Sheet to compute my final score.  Also, the Cabrillo page stated Cabrillo
>>Format not yet implemented for this contest.
> It didn't seem necessary to submit a file.  I submitted my log.all file 
> and it was happy.
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