[ct-user] CT and 7QP?

Sat Apr 29 15:09:56 EDT 2006

I hate to disagree with Jim AD1C but using CT in the NEQP contest mode is at best a 'kluge'. It doesn't score correctly and the section map doesn't work for non-W7's.
HOWEVER, as a W7 I will be using CT. I will be using CT in the CQP contest mode. The section map works and more importantly it scores the 7QP contest correctly. Unfortunately CQP in CTWIN is broken so you must use CTDOS. CTDOS runs perfectly inside WINXP. I have the correct .DAT file for any W7 wanting to use CT. I was unable to locate the file either on K1EA's or the 7QP websites. The 7QP county files on K1EA's website are wrong.  Anyone wanting the correct files just drop me a note. CT in CQP mode will not work for non-W7's.
C.U. in 7QP...............73

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  At 10:51 AM 4/29/2006, Rich Hallman - N7TR wrote:

  >Noticed on one of the other reflectors that CT was identified as
  >supporting the 7QP Contest for next weekend...

  Hi Rich,

  I sent the multiplier files to Dick K4XU but he never put them on the 
  7QP site.  You have to use the NEQP module to log this contest, 
  scoring should be taken care of by the Cabrillo log checking software.

  I'll be uploading the files this weekend to the CT site.  Stay tuned...

  73 - Jim AD1C

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