[ct-user] Requesting help with the merge utility

John Bednar k3ct at verizon.net
Sat Dec 2 09:21:02 EST 2006


There are three versions of the merge utility in existence. Also,
version 9 and version 10 log formats are different. 

For logs generated with CT version 10, there is a merge utility for
DOS and a merge utility to be run from WinXp character mode window
(DOS-like window). The link for the version 10 utilities is:


If you are trying to merge your new CT10 log into a CT9 log, I would
convert the version 9 log to version 10 first. I don't believe the
merge utility will perform the conversion. The utility to perform
this change is at the same URL (9to10).

k3ct at verizon.net

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Dear CT-Users,
I am having some problems using the Merge utility in CT v.10.03.002.
someone can help?  Here are the particulars:  I am using CT
Character Mode 
for Windows for the first time this year.  I've been out of active
for several years and have always used DOS CT v.7/8/9 in past years.
So there 
are things about CT operating in Windows that I am not familiar
with.  I run my 
everyday station log in DXpedition mode.  Been doing so for many
years from 
many locations as there is a minimum of data entry and that's nice
when doing 
pileups from a DX locale.  After a major contest -- the CQWWCW last
weekend -- 
I always merge my contest log into my everyday station log.
Sometimes that 
merge entails changing some erroneous band entries, but that's about
the only 
issue I ever had with merge in DOS CT.  I can clean those band
errors in an hour 
or so.  This year after the CQ WW CW, I ran the merge utility in
mode and ended up with gibberish for output in a merged file --
repairable as things ended up in the wrong fields and not all
contest QSOs were 
imported into the DXpedition log.  So what I have on my hands is a
mess.  I did, of 
course, save copies of both logs in their original forms.  So that
part of the 
mess is easily fixed.  Now I'm back where I started.  I want to get
my CQWW 
contest log imported into (or merged with) my DXpedition everyday
log so that I 
can keep a running log of all contacts made here from WH2D (contest
non-contest alike).  I am stumped how to proceed.  If a) this is
easier than it 
appears and you can walk me through this, or b) this is a bear but
you can do it 
(and I would be happy to send you my .bin files to play with) please
let me 
know.  My eternal gratitude awaits you.
Thanks & 73,
Dr. Michael Manafo
Upper School Head
St. John's School
911 North Marine Corps Drive
Tumon Bay, Guam USA
Work: 671-646-8080
Home: 671-653-7388
manafo at post.harvard.edu

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