[ct-user] How to make Super Check Partial work?

John W2iD w2id at optonline.net
Fri Feb 17 20:21:17 EST 2006

I tried invoking ct with 

CT ARRLDX -D   and also  with just   CT ARRLDX

Either way, my Check Partial window doesn't show any matching calls except
those I have already logged.  It seems like it might actually be searching
my master.dta file though (and I do have one in the CT directory), because
when SCP mode is enabled (by pressing F12), CT slows wayyyyy down when I am
typing a call into the callsign field.   When I press F12 to close the Check
Partial window, CT speeds right back up.

Anyone see this before?

Using CT just downloaded from K1EA.com. 



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