[ct-user] How to make Super Check Partial work? (now +Telnet question)

John W2iD w2id at optonline.net
Sat Feb 18 04:04:08 EST 2006

Thank you very much Ed.  I was in a hurry (it was after 7PM) and I didn't
scroll down far enuf to see that there was a v10 DOS release too.  I just
downloaded that ver, and it is working great. Used 9to10.exe to convert my
log - worked like a champ. 

I think my original problem was that the master.dta must have gotten
corrupted when transporting via floppy.

Enjoying the new -KA switch!  Had always wanted that feature.

NEW QUESTION: What is the command to connect to a telnet cluster such as
k1ttt and where do I enter it?  Tried typing some things like OPEN and
CONNECT at the packet talk window to no avail.  Couldn't find help on the
k1ea.com site about this, but maybe wasn't looking in right place.

W2 Ignores Dupers

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First, SCP is always on, the command line switch is obsolete.   SCP is F12
and Check Partial is F8.  Check Partial will always just check the log.  SCP
checks the log and the master.dta database.  Why did you down load version
9?  Version 10 is the latest and has been out for years.

At 2/17/2006 08:21 PM, John W2iD wrote:
>I tried invoking ct with 
>CT ARRLDX -D   and also  with just   CT ARRLDX
>Either way, my Check Partial window doesn't show any matching calls except
>those I have already logged.  It seems like it might actually be searching
>my master.dta file though (and I do have one in the CT directory), because
>when SCP mode is enabled (by pressing F12), CT slows wayyyyy down when I am
>typing a call into the callsign field.   When I press F12 to close the
>Partial window, CT speeds right back up.
>Anyone see this before?
>Using CT just downloaded from K1EA.com. 
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