[ct-user] CT can't read frequency from radio

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Since you are running CTDos, did you exit Win98 and restart in DOS?
If not, try that.

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I am using a Pentium-class computer, that normally runs WriteLog 
perfectly, with CT for DOS under Windows 98SE and using a Kenwood 
TS-940. I started with the current version 10.02.008 but noticed

1) When logging a contact, CT would first shift to 20 meters and
log the call, power, and time on 20 meters. I had to correct the
entry band and then shift CT to my actual operating band to
Each logged entry would repeat this process.
2) While Alt-F1 worked to shift band down, Alt-F2 had no effect at
3) My TopTen antenna switch operating from LPT1 would not follow the

chosen band.
4) A frequency could be written to my TS-940 from a spot or the log 
entry, but neither the band or frequency could be read from the
radio to 
5) Log entries simply show the lower band edge, such as 7.000 or
regardless of actual radio frequency, unless a frequency has been 
previously read into the radio, in which case that frequency shows
the log or on an Alt-F3 packet spot regardless of the radio

I could find no way to alter this behavior by adjustments to the
BIOS or 
to the batch files or to the CT setup data.

In desperation, I installed an earlier version of CT, 10.02.002 but 
found no improvement. Trying still earlier versions, I found that
did not have the most serious problems (1) (2) and (3) although the 
remaining problems persisted. The contest was in progress, so I 
continued this way.

Can anyone tell me the cause and cure of this problem?

Thanks very much!

Bill  N1AU
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