[ct-user] TO1T

VE3DZ va3uz at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 7 14:39:07 EST 2006

>   I had a couple of those French Calls that came up //////////.  When I
>   that I realized that my laziness in keeping up my country files came
>   to bite me.  But, I managed to ask the operator where he was and entered
>   the Call as TO1T/FG and CT took it.  Hope that doesn't void the Q as
>   an invalid Call!

That call (TO1T/FG) will be definitely removed from your LOG by logcheckers
as busted call.
Leave it as TO1T and do TO1T=FG trick in the empty call sign field.
When I don't have time to correct a call during the contest or if I need to
make a quick note, I press "Alt-N" then type my comment in the black pop-up
window and click Enter to save it for post contest review.
After the contest all you need is just view your XXXX.not file and make
necessary corrections.

73  Yuri  VE3DZ

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